Deformable Snow and DirectX 11 in Batman: Arkham Origins

It’s been a while, but I finally found some time for a quick post to regroup the presentations I’ve done this year at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC). These presentations showcase and explain some of the features developed for Batman: Arkham Origins.

You will find below a quick description of the talks, as well as a link to slides and accompanying video. The GTC presentation is an extended version of the GDC presentation, with additional features discussed as well as the integration of NVIDIA GameWorks.

Feel free to leave comments if you have any questions. 🙂

GDC 2014 – Deformable Snow Rendering in Batman: Arkham Origins

This talk presents a novel technique for the rendering of surfaces covered with fallen deformable snow featured in Batman: Arkham Origins. Scalable from current generation consoles to high-end PCs, as well as next-generation consoles, the technique allows for visually convincing and organically interactive deformable snow surfaces everywhere characters can stand/walk/fight/fall, is extremely fast, has a low memory footprint, and can be used extensively in an open world game. We will explain how this technique is novel in its approach of acquiring arbitrary deformation, as well as present all the details required for implementation. Moreover, we will share the results of our collaboration with NVIDIA, and how it allowed us to bring this technique to the next level on PC using DirectX 11 tessellation. Attendees will learn about a fast and low-memory footprint technique to render surfaces with deformable snow, which adds interaction between players and the world, depicts iconic and organic visuals of deformable snow, and is a good case for supporting tessellation in a DX11 game with minimal editing and art tweaks.

GDC 2014 – Deformable Snow Rendering in Batman: Arkham Origins (slides)
GDC 2014 – Deformable Snow Rendering in Batman: Arkham Origins (video)

GTC 2014 – DirectX 11 Rendering and NVIDIA GameWorks in Batman: Arkham Origins

This talk presents several rendering techniques behind Batman: Arkham Origins (BAO), the third installment in the critically-acclaimed Batman: Arkham series. This talk focuses on several DirectX 11 features developed in collaboration with NVIDIA specifically for the high-end PC enthusiast. Features such as tessellation and how it significantly improves the visuals behind Batman’s iconic cape and brings our deformable snow technique from the consoles to the next level on PC will be presented. Features such as physically-based particles with PhysX, particle fields with Turbulence, improved shadows, temporally stable dynamic ambient occlusion, bokeh depth-of-field and improved anti-aliasing will also be presented. Additionally, other improvements to image quality, visual fidelity and compression will be showcased, such as improved detail normal mapping via Reoriented Normal Mapping and how Chroma Subsampling at various stages of our lighting pipeline was essential in doubling the size of our open world and still fit on a single DVD.

GTC 2014 – DirectX 11 Rendering and NVIDIA GameWorks in Batman: Arkham Origins (slides)

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